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by Elfriede in Spirituality Posted on 04/20/2021 06:00 AM

Who Needs A Life Purpose?

We all wonder what our life is for. We need to know why we’re alive and what to do with this life. This is where life purpose comes into the mind.

What Is The Purpose Of Life?

Your life’s purpose is your life’s aim. It’s the reason for your existence. Discovering your life purpose is about recognizing your own gifts and using them to contribute to the world. Life purpose is also called dharma or ikigai in other languages.

Life's purpose is personalized to suit each individual; therefore, it’s not the same purpose for everyone. In addition to this, a person’s life can change during the course of their lifetime. For example, a person in their 20s might have the desire to travel around the world and discover the world, but may become family-oriented in their 30s.


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Why You Should Know Your Life’s Purpose

Finding your life purpose is useful for numerous reasons.

It gives your life meaning

It lets you know what important to you

It directs and motivates you on your path

It leads you to true happiness and fulfillment

Naturally talents make things easier because they feel like everything is falling into place

When To Live According To Your Life’s Purpose

Your life purpose is something that you should start doing as soon as you discover it. You should pursue your purpose to your highest capacity. You shouldn’t waste anymore time in your life doing things that don’t suit you as much as something else. You should also alter your current lifestyle to suit your new self-discovery.

Where To Use Your Life Purpose

People use their life purpose in numerous dimensions.

Your lifestyle choices - Purpose can guide life decisions, influence behavior, shape goals, offer a sense of direction, and create meaning.

Relationships- For some, their purpose lies in their responsibilities to their family or friends. They feel called to bring joy to the lives around them.

Your Profession Selection - For some people, purpose is connected to vocation—meaningful, satisfying work.

Your Personal Manifesto - Some seek meaning through spirituality or religious beliefs.

Your manifesto is:

Your declaration of beliefs, intentions and motives.

Your values, intention, commitments, beliefs, identity, alignment, inspiration, etc

It serves as a reminder

It’s your tribe

Your personal mission statement

Some people may find their purpose clearly expressed in all these aspects of life.

How To Discover Your Life’s Purpose

When trying to find your life’s purpose, some question you might ask are:

Who am I?

Where do I belong?

When do I feel fulfilled?

Here are some areas to reflect on when trying to discover your purpose.

Childhood Influences

  • Make a list of the people that influenced your viewpoints from childhood.
  • Think of how roles were displayed to you and how you think roles should be played.
  • Circle which qualities that influenced you the most.
  • Identify which qualities you want and don’t want in your life moving forward.
  • Redefine and recondition how a role is supposed to be played. Create your own version.
  • Create your own authentic version and be in alignment with your true self.

Passions and Interests

  • Think of your likes throughout your life
  • Think of your your hobbies
  • Think of your what you enjoy doing
  • Think of your your dreams
  • Think of your the things that you stand for or want to stand for
  • Think of what your are you committed to
  • Think of your you’re curious to learn about

Talents and Skills

  • Think of your natural abilities
  • Think of what you’re naturally inclined to do
  • Think of what do you do the best
  • Think of your unique advantage over others, that is what is easy for you than other
  • Think of what your natural senses are

Think of what you might not be as excited about it as your passion (this is the opposite of your purpose)

  • Think of the skills you’ve learnt or developed
  • Think of things you’ve gotten positive feedback for

Personality Type (MBTI)

Certain personality types are satisfied in life when they do certain things.

Introvert vs extrovert: This is how you interact with the world and where you direct and revive energy. Are you about the inner world or external world? P.s. As we age, we develop the opposite side more and become balanced.

Sensing vs intuition: This is how you notice and take in information. Sensors use their 5 senses. They like facts. Intuitive people read between the lines. They look for greater meaning.

Thinker vs Feeler: This is how you make decisions. Thinkers are more logical, analytical, and they always weigh pros and cons before making a decision. Feelers are more emotional, they follow what feels right, and like to make exceptions to rules.

Judging vs Perceiving: This is how you like things. Judgers like order and structure. Perceivers are spontaneous.

Left vs Right Brain: Left brains look at details, like making lists and schedules. They are symbolic, like sequence, structure, and math. They can adapt to any environment. Right brains focus on the bigger picture, like to have many projects at a time and work on them randomly. They like concrete, hands-on activities. Instead of adapting to an environment, they’d rather change the environment.

Life-Changing Experiences

  • Think of experiences that shaped you
  • Find meanings in them
  • Think of how they create unique opportunities for you
  • Think of how they prepare you for another big life moment
  • Think of how they make you discover things about yourself

Use this information to choose a different career path or look for a way to add this to your career so you can make your mess your message.


Coincidences can push you towards your purpose. They give you the signals and signs that let you know that you are on the right path. Be open to coincidences. Don’t force or overthink things. To identify your purpose through coincidences:

  • Pay attention to signs and signals
  • Check for any meaningful relations in your life
  • Check for patterns in your life
  • Check for synchronicity and accidents.


Think of a pain point that you can fix or reduce

Ask yourself: what difference would you like to see in this world?

Putting it all together:

Put everything together in one place and ask yourself-

  • What patterns do I notice?
  • What quality or direction repeats the most

The answer is your life purpose. Phrase it in a positive and inspiring language and name that your mission statement.

Final Thoughts

Life purpose is an important part of one’s life because it’s the essential meaning of a person’s life. Identifying your life purpose will lead to a very meaningful and satisfying life. When your authentic purpose becomes clear, you will be able to share it with the whole world.





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