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by Elfriede Adebayo in Personal Growth Posted on 05/14/2021 06:00 AM

Habit is an action that you can perform or an activity that you can accomplish with ease and without any particular effort or attention. It is a kind of action acquired through frequent practice, exercise, and experience. Examples are the habit of driving, the habit of organizing.

People don't talk much about habits when it comes to personal development. And yet I find that habits have a determining and positive role in our daily life. There are both good and bad habits in every person's life. It is enough to acquire good habits that will step by step make your everyday life brighter and more fulfilling, as well as change your life only for the better.


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Life these days has become so hectic and complicated that it is very easy for all of us to forget about ourselves and lose track of the most important person in our world: OURSELVES! You can eat the best nutrition in the world, get enough sleep, work out daily, stay hydrated, and still feel mentally and emotionally drained from life.

Here's a simple fact; if you don't by yourself, develop good habits that will help you to improve your life, no one else will help you to. Developing that can improve the quality of your life is very important to living your best lifestyle. These habits are means that will lead you to greater spontaneity in your life and defeat routine, the discipline of work, and everyday life.

I have chosen to share with you the 7 habits that changed my life. I hope they inspire you. Good reading!


1. Learn something new

Whether it's knitting, baking, or computer programming, there is something you've always wanted to learn, but never found the time for. Well, there's no point in waiting to start learning a new skill. You can now register for an online course that will allow you to learn at your own pace or buy a book that will allow you to achieve your goal.

What is important is that you progress a little bit each day, slowly, towards a new skill that you have always wanted to acquire. In a matter of weeks, you will have learned something new that will energize you and encourage you to learn and stay curious for the rest of your life.


2. Go to the gym, do some exercises

Resistance exercise is a physical activity that involves a significant amount of effort on your muscles. While cardiovascular exercises like walking or jogging are beneficial for your health, resistance exercises, even the simplest ones like doing push-ups against a wall or climbing stairs have the added benefit of strengthening your body, your muscles and boost your metabolism throughout the day.

You can join the gym, hire a trainer who will give you a workout program, and teach you how to do strength training without hurting yourself. In a few weeks, you will see the benefits on your health and even your appearance.

3. Go for a walk

What could be easier? Leave the house and go for a walk! You don't even need to run. I can already hear your objections: somehow too simple and hardly effective. However, walking can replace the gym and active exercise. Walking can be a cure for both a creative crisis and excess weight. Just 30 minutes of daily walking can reduce stress levels, keep your body toned and improve concentration.

This is a great way to clear your mind of obsessive thoughts and relax. And if you go for a walk in the evening, then you are also guaranteed a healthy, sound sleep.

4. Replace unhealthy foods with your favorite fruits and vegetables

Leave unhealthy foods out of your diet and replace them with your favorite fruits and vegetables.

Vegetables are very useful for your body. Do not forget about fruits: they can replace, for example, sweets. Eat a few bananas instead of a couple of candies. You will not only reduce your need for sugar, but you will improve the functioning of your body and brain. You will develop a good habit that will eliminate the appearance of acne or diabetes.


5. Say positive things to others

There is hardly anything like sharing positivity with others. Simply, letting someone know that they are doing good is both good for that person and also good for you.

No need for great achievements. Enjoying little things like a good meal that someone has prepared for you goes a long way in making people feel good around you. You will realize how easy it is for you to make a positive contribution to the world.

6. Smile when negative feelings try to take control of you

Of course, negative thoughts are going to creep into your mind every day and that's okay. However, they don't have to consume you and take your mood hostage for the whole day

Oftentimes, the simple act of smiling, even forcing yourself to smile brings positive thoughts to the surface and allows you to return to your pleasant and productive attitude.


7. Start your day with one good thing you can do

People often forget how easy and important it is to do good. For example, it doesn't take much effort to separate the waste so that whatever can be recycled can be reused and not add to the growing problem of waste management around the world. But why is it that so many people have a hard time making this good habit?

Usually, it's just a matter of deciding to do good, and that's what identifying good deeds to do each day fosters.

8. BONUS: End your day by jotting down one thing you are grateful for

Very often the things you own do not give you satisfaction, you want something better and when you have it you are still unsatisfied after a while. You don't realize that in fact, you don't need much to experience contentment. Often the simplest things or gestures are enough to make you happy.

If you get into the habit of writing something for which you are grateful or happy every day, the exact moment you feel miserable or disappointed; your "Gratitude list" will help you to lift yourself up and firmly maintain your positive attitude which will lead you to contentment in everyday life.





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