One on One


8 Weeks to create the life you LOVE!

This commitment to yourself will change your life.

We will go deep and get to the core issue that is blocking your massive success and fulfillment in life. We will bust through those beliefs and program in the new you. Self love is the key to everything you desire and by the end of this course you will have a profound love and reverence for yourself.

We will come together on Zoom and use EFT among other healing modalities to make powerful shifts happen.

You will receive a weekly video specific to your needs, supporting you in your transformation.

This may include:


The Compassion Key

Guided Meditation

Yoga and Pranayama


You will see HUGE shifts in your life with my simple and effective methods to get you out of your head and into your heart.

Ready to live a life you LOVE?

Work with me as a Self Love Coach using EFT & The Compassion Key healing modalities.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a Powerful way to see immediate and lasting changes in your life.

Things we can work on in a session:

  • Let go of anxiety

  • Deep connection to Self Love

  • Better sleep

  • More confidence

  • Letting go of trauma

  • Pain management

  • Forgiveness

  • PTSD management

  • Better relationship with your body

  • Reprograming childhood wounds

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs

  • Less Stress

Compassion Key goes hand in hand with EFT and I am seeing REMARKABLE transformations with my clients! The Compassion Key connects deeply with your inner child and into your subconscious mind through inward directed love and compassion.

45 Minute Zoom session

60 Minute Inperson or Zoom session

8 Week coaching container


"Veronica, made me feel like a new person. I experienced some physical magnetic force being sucked out of me and at the end I felt free. This is unbelievable and magical experience that its hard to put in words. I am so blessed and grateful for having Veronica in my life. All my friends are saying that I am glowing and smiling more. I love you and I thank you Veronica."

-Avelin Armand, Austin Tx


"I have had huge shifts and profound healing with Veronica Kelly. Her deep listening skills and compassionate safe way of communicating allowed me to open up and heal past trauma that I didn't even know was getting in the way of my business success. Thank you Veronica! I really appreciate you and highly recommend working with you with the compassion key processes."

-Jill Fischer, Delta, British Columbia


“Each time I did tapping with Veronica I felt a change in my energy; calmer and more centered. Veronica was great at using an issue or challenge I was experiencing and coming up on the spot with a narrative to get to the core of the issue and help address it.”

-Chloe Decalo - Boulder Co.


"Veronica is one of the most inspiring women I know. She has helped me in so many ways to be a better person, wife, mother and friend. She has so much knowledge and tools to give. She helps you to know you can literally do anything you put your mind to!"

-Jamie Dwyer, Philadelphia Pa

Happy Client Gabriella Jaffee:


"Veronica helped me tremendously with her EFT techniques, her self love and compassion routine, and I highly recommend her full moon sound bath for calming my central nervous system. I am a solo mom w 2 children making my way 100 percent alone and currently without a job. After 3 days of using her abundance tapping, I received great news about a new opportunity."

Stacey Green, Austin Tx & Costa Rica


"Veronica is an incredible facilitator of deep healing. Her process is potent, powerful and straight up magical when it comes to identifying stuck points of pain/trauma and releasing and reintegrating that energy into your wholeness. Highly recommend!"

-Kiana Prema, Austin, Tx


"It's now been a few days since my session with Veronica and I am feeling great. I've noticed that I don't act out the same way that I used to and I have a deep feeling of inner peace with an excited anticipation for the future."

-John S., San Diego California

Free Gift!

Tapping / EFT 101 with Veronica

Including 3 guided tapping sessions

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