Latoya Zavala

Free Your Voice:

The 21 Day Healing Experience

Product Details:

  • Increased Confidence, Conviction and Sense of Purpose

  • Enhancing the power of your voice: Opening, Clearing, Balancing, Activating your voice energy center

  • Equipped to Transform: Tools, Techniques and personalized practices to increase your impact and further the reach of your voice and self-expression

  • Activation of Reticular Activation System

  • Emotional Freedom Technique Sequences

  • Reiki Infused Meditative Sessions

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Sabrina M./Author, Entrepreneur

"Before working with LaToya, I was feeling a sense of deep unease stuck between two crossroads in several situations (work, family, relationships, etc.). After just one session I walked away with tremendous clarity and confidence."

Justice P./Digital Marketer

"I wanted to get answers on my personal life as well as business life. After a session with LaToya, I felt like my questions of unknowing were answered and I was pointed in the right direction of being able to find the answers to questions still unknown. LaToya helped me find tapping methods to tune into myself as well."

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