Latoya Zavala

Your Journey to Speaking Your Truth with more Confidence and Power begins Here

If you check any of these boxes... this experience is for you!

  • You are an aspiring Public Speaker and want your voice to be heard, valued, and received with more transformational impact.

  • You are a successful speaker who wants to take it to the next level

    of reach and impact.

  • You have experienced trauma

    that affects your self-expression and ability to speak with confidence and conviction.

  • You desire to be unlocked and unleashed to speak your truth

    with wisdom, to whom it matters, when it matters.

  • You want to have a greater impact on the world and you are ready to get rid of your blocks.

  • You want to be able to speak your truth with more impact to your loved ones who haven’t been hearing you.

  • You want to speak your truth in your professional context in a way that you

    are heard, valued, and respected.

  • You know you have a message to share with this world and you want to be empowered to do it.

  • You are ready to own your power, own your voice, own your impact.


You are worthy, deserving, and in need of the tools, techniques and understanding for you to generate the respect, attention, appreciation and impact you are meant to have.

Spend time with me and engage in this experience, and the doors will burst wide open for you to:

  1. Feel 10x more confident presenting, speaking, being in front of people.

  2. Feel confident and in your power every time you speak.

  3. Have the tools to empower your self-expression if your energy dips low or is affected.

  4. Be noticed and complimented on how much more powerfully, confidently, and unapologetically you speak.

  5. Have the methods to reconnect to your clarity, conviction and confidence EVERY DAY, or whenever you need to.

  6. Know exactly what fears, blocks and triggers affect your confidence and impact when you express yourself and how to powerfully navigate them.

  7. Know yourself and your energy body on a deeper level so that you fall more deeply in love with yourself and shine in that energy.



What doesn’t work:

Different things work for different people. You may have tried therapy, counseling or speech coaching or even energy healing. Why didn’t it work?

Maybe you weren’t ready. And if you’re not ready, then the healing won’t happen. It can’t happen without you. Your sovereign power of creation and healing and undoing is a vital part of the process.

Maybe you were not in the space to make room for this level of healing and moving forward. If you were making excuses, defending why you didn’t have time, or space or energy because of the kids, school, work, your partner, your illness, your pets… then you were not ready. The tools in this program will help you weave through all the excuses, understand why you’re making them, and extract the power within to overcome them.

Maybe you were not connected with someone that is aligned with who you are and what you believe. Healing with a coach or spiritual guide (of which I am both) is a co-creation process. It is vital, an absolute must, that you vibe with the person leading your modality. Do you want for the same things? Are your goals for this healing process the same? How do you feel when you hear and see this person? I can tell you now, I am for your healing and freedom. I want you to be free from all the b.s. Projections, indoctrinations, expectations, and cultural biases that have been holding you back and keeping you stuck. I want for you to be in the fullness of your power and leave a legacy of freedom for the next generation of women. I’m ready for us to elevate our consciousness to the next level. I’m ready for every woman to speak her truth in freedom and power, courageously and unapologetically. Are you with me?

Maybe you were not connected with someone who has that cellular knowing, a personal experience, and therefore a more personal touch, of what it takes to heal and overcome blockages, limitations, and fears of speaking. I am what is called a wounded healer. I have been oppressed by a domestic violent relationship, toxic religious leadership, toxic work environments and unhealthy family patterns. Read my bio for more, but I am here to let you know. I know voice and expression oppression well. I’ve done the inner work for myself. I’ve worked as a coach and spiritual guide to help hundreds heal from the same. I know. I am ready. I am here for you. My only questions is, are you ready?

What works?

1. Your readiness. When you are ready, you know. When your soul is calling for change, freedom, happiness, and peace. You know. Your intuition, your impulse, your spirit is already pushing you to take the steps forward. This kind of readiness is part of the magic that can help any healing experience work.

2. Working with a person you feel connected to and that you trust. Most program leaders and gurus don’t talk about this because they would just like you to buy their product or program. They would like you to trust the process and divorce the process from the person. I don’t believe that. I believe the facilitator has much to do. She brings a certain experience, energy, belief, and bias to the space. This cannot be extracted from the healing process. Simply put, if you’re not aligned to the facilitator, you will be subconsciously diverting energy to solve this, suppress this, work with this. You don’t need that diversion. Check out my website. Check out my bio. Check out my videos. You will know me. I am unapologetic about who I am, my experience of working with thousands of men and women from all over the globe, in the hospital setting and in the military for over a decade, the energy of transformation, truth, love, light, and my bias toward your freedom above all else. If you are about that life, this will be a match made in heaven.

3. A modality that you enjoy, that brings transformation, and that empowers you. I love Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or “tapping” because I get to personalize tapping sequences for the issue we are working on. It’s not a one size fits all, one homework for everyone. You get to take the sequence with you, personalize it even further to your unique healing experience and use it whenever and as much as you need. You get to adapt and overcome! How empowering to know that you will have a technique that works, that you can personalize, and that you can use over and over again and adapt to other issues that you are healing from. This is empowerment. This is activation. This is autonomy and sovereignty over your own healing experience and I’m here for it!

4. A modality that goes deeper than your conscious blocks and limitations. Reiki and intuitive energy healing sessions can allow for your inner knowing of yourself and your story, your spirit, your body, and your subconscious to collaborate and bring all the power within your forward so that you are fully participating in your holistic healing. It allows you to tap into parts of yourself you forgot or didn’t consciously know were there. It allows you to bring forth wisdom yet untapped. It allows for you to see, hear, and know just how uniquely gifted, and powerful you are. And I am so honored that I get to bring this highly effective modality to you.

5. Creating the space and the foundation to transform and heal. Too many facilitators forget this essential piece. You can go to your coaching and therapy sessions, you can have a healing session, and you can experience wonderful progress, but if you are not engaging on building an environment and mindset that can sustain that transformation you may experience set back, disillusionment and further pain. After working with hundreds of women for over a decade, I know this all too well. That’s why I spend a few modules helping you make simple and effective preparations for these 21 days to have the most impact it can have on your life and bring you the freedom you deserve.

6. Deprogramming. There are a lot of oppressive ideologies preached over us, taught to us, injected into us, projected onto us, and subliminally whispered to us. This is not just about personal trauma that you have experienced. This is about a collective damaging and suffocation of your voice, your expression, and your power. This is why I don’t call any of my offerings programs. It’s time to deprogram aaaaaaalllllll of that *stuff and I spend some significant time helping you deprogram the toxicity and the manipulation so that you can be free to speak your truth in your power. Let’s get this show on the road!!!


Why am I doing this?

A pivotal moment changed the way I see the world, the way I see you. It stuck with me, and transformed the way I think about the freedom and power of the woman’s voice, of your voice. After that moment, your freedom and power became my purpose.

*Disclaimer - Trigger alert. I was a victim of domestic violence and share a bit here.

It’s no secret to those who have been around my Freed and Powered Up movement, that I was a victim in a domestic violent relationship. Once, during this relationship, I said something that my partner didn’t like and it turned into a show for everyone at that Boston City metro station. I remember the shame, the worthlessness, the helplessness, the almost out-of-body experience that I felt as people looked on with pity and maybe disgust. That was not a pivotal moment for me, not when I was experiencing it, not when I left the relationship, and not when I was strangled by him a month after I left and nearly lost my life.

What was life changing for me, was when the emotional and energetic memory came rushing through my body when I saw the similar scene playing out on a woman who lived around the corner from me in Virginia, 10 years later.

This is happening all around the world at a staggering rate of 1 out of 3 women, and may have happened to you. Now, I create experiences to facilitate the healing of women and therefore heal our world, and create a new reality for our daughters, one woman at a time.

Domestic violent relationships and other abusive experiences are not the only ones that suffocate and stifle the voice, expression and power of women. When I was an officer in the military, I sat in a meeting and held my breath as the supervisory officer banged his fist on the table and shouted “This is why the Bible Says women should be silent!” I was told by leadership that my voice and my experience would never be good enough to be successful. I was told that women were to be the neck and not the head, and everyone knows that the head is where the mouth is. I was told that having children should be enough for me. My voice was suffocated and suppressed at different levels and in different spaces throughout my life. Yet, when I found my purpose, my passion, my truth, my power, my clarity, my conviction, and my identity I opened my mouth and I spoke with power.

While serving the United States Marines I received the call sign “the motivator” because of the power of my voice. I was invited to travel all over the world to deliver 1-2 minute invocations because when I open my mouth, I emanate power. In meetings, even my silence was received with respect and admiration. Organizations that usually don’t call people back to speak, have requested me regularly.

I know my power. And I am committed and convicted to help you step into, activate, and illuminate your life and this world with yours.

What Will This 21 Day Experience Do For You?

1. Facilitate you in healing, balancing, clearing, and empowering your throat chakra, your body’s energy center for self-expression, reach and impact.

2. Clear obstructions, limitations, and stagnation in the throat energy center lodged their through either personal or collective trauma.

3. Facilitate the releasing of negative energy, toxic messages, interpretations, and or beliefs around your self, and your self-expression.

7. Help you curate your vocabulary so that your speech always reflects your truth, your abundance, and your legacy.

8. Help you identify and release YOUR limiting and stagnating inhibitions on your self-expression placed on you by tradition, religion, culture, and society.

9. Help you speak with power, every time you speak!

4. Help you identify, reconnect with, be convicted about, and fall in love with your truth and your power.

5. Help you pave the way to 10x the impact you want to have on the world with the power of your speech.

6. Create your personalized speech pattern for manifesting your dreams.

10. Help you discern when, to whom, and how to speak, and how to harness the power of your silence.

11. Give you tools and techniques to continue the development, healing, balancing, and enhancing of the power of your voice.

12. Leave you with Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) sequences to keep your experience going. Your experience doesn’t end at the 21 day mark!!


"She taught me that it is important to understand that I cannot get to my correct authority or decision making without first being correct in my own aura and strategy- which is how we are designed to meet life.

I love every single session because she activates the light codes within me, and I am such a better friend, mommy, wife, and human because of the work that we do together.

She is not only a coach, but an orator and fractal of light sent from the Divine. My life is always, always, always illuminated after sharing space with her.”

Hey Goddess, I'm

LaToya Z!

As a transformation coach, I have been helping clients all over the world, reignite and unleash their inner Goddess!

I work with women just like you, with different backgrounds, cultures, and belief systems; women who are really good at what they do; women who are successful at life, women who feel like they’ve not accomplished anything at all, women who’ve experienced the range of oppression, suppression, depression, and trauma, women who’ve tried other methods and are still not experiencing the kind of freedom and power that they know is possible.

I help them create Magic!

Ready to Release That Ish, So You Can Manifest That Ish?

I’m a certified life coach, a Master Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner and a Master Reiki Practitioner. I hold professional degrees and postgraduate studies in spiritual and theological disciplines.

All this, combined with my extraordinary passion and life mission to help 1 MILLION women be free, has driven me to professionally coach and spiritually guide people through all levels of trauma for over a decade, both within the military and in the civilian population, with people from all over the world. And now, I am holding sacred space for you.

On the Personal Side

I am a proud Bostonian (Boston Strong!) with strong Jamaican roots that run very deep. Talk about cultural and traditional ties!

I've been married to my soul partner for over 21 years. We have 3 kids that keep us grounded, growing, and on our toes.

I am a United States Navy Veteran who has proudly and honorably served my country for 10 years. Hooyah!

I've been through a lot of sh**. I've seen a lot of sh**. I've done a lot of sh**. I'm over a lot of sh**.

I am who I am.

Pleased to meet you and take you through this journey.


“Just in one session I was transformed. I can attest to a healing and rejuvenation of my spirit..”

Want a quick overview?

Each module, released daily over 21 days, includes video, downloadable tools, daily exercises, nightly processing exercises, and actionable steps that you can apply immediately as you transform your life and free your voice. You will be experiencing, unlocking, unleashing, and experiencing a new level of freedom in your voice every day! 

  • 21 days

  • 21 video lessons

  • 2 EFT Tapping session

  • 2 Visualization/Distant Reiki Sessions

  • 4 PDF Throat Activation Guides

  • Support all along the way

  • Telegram Group with peer support and accountability

Week 1: Rock Solid Foundation for Transformation

  • Setting the foundation for healing that sticks.

  • Deprogramming historical and collective trauma and drama to your voice.

  • Activating the Reticular Activation System for your voice.

  • Healing Sessions

Week 2: Releasing and Activating Your Frequency

  • Working through the 7C’s of inner power and how to activate them for the freedom of your voice.

  • Healing Session

Week 3: The Power Pieces to the Puzzle

  • What to do with Fears so that you can speak with freedom and power.

  • How to choose victory in your vocabulary.

  • The power in all of your expression.

  • Activating your creation power through your voice.

  • Maintenance for all the healing and transformation that has taken place.

  • Healing Session.


S. M.

"Before working with LaToya, I was feeling a sense of deep unease stuck between two crossroads in several situations (work, family, relationships, etc.). After just one session I walked away with tremendous clarity and confidence."

J. P.

"I wanted to get answers on my personal life as well as business life. After a session with LaToya, I felt like my questions of unknowing were answered and I was pointed in the right direction of being able to find the answers to questions still unknown. LaToya helped me find tapping methods to tune into myself as well."


“When I first started working with laToya I was very depressed and unhappy. I felt like I had no control over my life and this was emotionally draining. After my first visit I started to feel so much better, my energy levels were up and I felt like I was able to make solid decisions and my stress was completely gone. I have been in therapy for some years and I have never experienced so much relief from depression and anxiety in a way that is life changing.”


“After the session, something amazing happened: I put all the doubts I had on some business topics aside; steps I was reluctant to take for unclear reasons were taken. This happened the very next day and the following ones, just like that! I was so productive and it felt good :) Thanks to the session, my business is now up and running!”

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